Renovation Projects on Your Wish List (and What They’ll Cost!)

Some might not cost you a dime in the end — if you do them right.

You’ve got the enthusiasm. You’ve got the dream. The budget?

Weeeell … Budget-conscious homeowners sometimes put off a home renovation they really, really want because it feels like a treat, rather than an investment.

But if you look at the data — found in the “Remodeling Impact Report” from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® — that “treat” could be a super-smart financial thing to do.

See for yourself. Here are the projects most homeowners covet, what they cost (keep in mind, these are pro-installation costs), and whether that cost will pay for itself:

Deck or Patio: $6,400 – $9,450

Decks and patios, which are among the most-loved projects by homeowners, are legit investments. Both can return more than 100% of your renovation costs if you sell. (A free deck isn’t bad, eh?)

So get that Adirondack out of the dirt. Treating yourself to a patio or deck is an investment you can love and profit from.